Visas and Vaccinations Advice   from   Uruguay:      Every   visitor   should   seek   advice   from   their   travel   agent   or   via   the   internet   regarding   Visas   and Vaccinations.   Visas   and   Vaccinations   can   be   required   if   travelling   to   or   through   countries   other   than   Uruguay,   either   on their way to or from Uruguay. Each country has their own regulations. This information is available on each countries’ travel/health/vaccination websites. Visitors   should   be   aware   that   transit   visas   or   certificates   verifying   Yellow   Fever   vaccination   are   sometimes   required when    travelling    through    some    countries;    particularly    when    stopovers    are    long    or    flight    tickets    are    split    and independent.   Same   occurs   with   Yellow   Fever   certificate   requirements.   Please   establish   the   likely   transit   point(s)   and make arrangements to obtain a transit visa or yellow fever shots  before departure from your country. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay today the countries exempted from visa are: ARGENTINE,   AUSTRALIA,   AUSTRIA,   BAHAMAS,   BARBADOS,   BELGIUM,   BELIZE,   BOLIVIA   ,   BRAZIL   ,   CANADA,   COLOMBIA   , SOUTH   KOREA   ,   COSTA   RICA   ,   CROATIA   ,   CHILE,   CYPRUS,   DENMARK,   ECUADOR,   EL   SALVADOR,   SLOVAKIA,   SLOVENIA, SPAIN,   UNITED   STATES,   FINLAND,   FRANCE,   BRITAIN,   GREECE,   GUATEMALA,   NETHERLANDS,   HONDURAS   ,   HUNGARY, ICELAND,    IRELAND,    ISRAEL,    ITALY,    JAMAICA,    JAPAN    ,    LATVIA,    LICHTENSTEIN,    LITHUANIA,    LUXEMBOURG,    MALAYSIA, MALTA,   MEXICO,   MONACO,   NICARAGUA,   NORWAY,   NEW   ZEALAND,   PANAMA,   PARAGUAY,   PERU,   POLAND,   PORTUGAL, REPUBLIC   OF   BULGARIA,   CZECH   REPUBLIC,   DOMINICAN   REPUBLIC,   ROMANIA,   SOUTH   AFRICA,   SEYCHELLES,   SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TRINIDAD TOBAGO, TURKEY, VENEZUELA, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, OAS PASSPORTS, UN PASSPORTS We suggest that participants contact the Uruguayan embassy or consulate in your country to find information about visas with enough time in advance. In the following link you can find their contact information To   obtain   more   information   on   permits   for   entry   into   Uruguay   and   the   respective   visas,   we   suggest   visiting   the   Ministry of   the   Interior   website   where   up   to   date   information   is   available:   and If in doubt or you require “letter of invitation” to process your visa application to Uruguay: please contact us at the Secretariat:
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