Uruguay The   official   name   is   “República   Oriental   del   Uruguay”   and   it   is   located   in   the   Southern   Cone   of   South   America.   Its boundaries   are:   to   the   North   and   Northeast,   Brazil,   to   the   West   Argentina   and   to   the   South      and   South   East,   the   Rio   de la   Plata   and   the   Atlantic   Ocean.      Uruguay   is   176.215   km2   (square   kilometers)   in   area   and   the   population   is   3.300.000 inhabitants.    Literacy    rate    is    almost    97%    of    the    population.    The    climate    is    temperate    maritime    with    no    extreme temperatures   ranging   from   0   degrees   Celsius   in   the   winter   (June      to   August)   and   35   degrees   Celsius   in   the   summertime (December   to   February)   being   spring   and   autumn   the   nicest   months   with   mild   temperatures   between   15   and   25 degrees   Celsius.         Uruguay’s   economy   is   based   in   agriculture   and   livestock   and   it   is   surrounded   by   large   farming neighbours   such   as   Brazil,   Argentina,   Paraguay   and   Chile.   Uruguay   has   a   cosmopolitan   society   as   a   result   of   several successive   European   migrations.   It   is   an   open   society   with   a   democratic   government   elected   by   free   elections   every   five years and promotes tolerance of all religions or political ideologies as well as  nondiscrimination. Visas   and   vaccinations   for   third   countries   you   plan   to   visit   before   or   after   your   visit   to   Uruguay:      please   check   with   your travel agent or with the Secretariat.
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Climate in Montevideo
7 - 15 april 2018. Montevideo, Uruguay 
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Language The official language in Uruguay is Spanish, but English is widely spoken, being taught at schools as a second language.
Credit Cards Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and shops.
Travel & Health Insurance The   Organizing   Committee   is   not   responsible   for   health   or   travel   insurance   of   participants,   or   for   theft   or   personal injury. We recommend attendees to make their own arrangements. Most hotels have emergency medical coverage.
Safety Uruguay   is   a   safe   country   for   visitors.   However,   we   recommend   following   the   usual   precautions   suggested   worldwide or in major cities in order  to avoid incidents.
Official Time GMT -4.
Shopping Malls close to the venue PUNTA CARRETAS SHOPPING: open daily from 10am to 10pm. MONTEVIDEO SHOPPING CENTER: open daily from 10am to 10pm
Gratuities Usual tips in restaurants are 10% depending on service provided - it is not mandatory.
Weather April      is   autumn   time   in   Uruguay.   Temperatures   are   variable   and      range   from   15ºC   up   to   20ºC;   however   days   may   be sunny   and   temperatures   can   go   up   to   25ºC   at   midday.   It   is   suggested   to   bring   winter   clothes   such   as   coat   or   rain   jacket,     scarfs, etc. as it can also be windy, rainy or even cold in April.
Local currency and exchange Uruguayan   currency   is   “peso”.   American   Dollars   are   widely   accepted   and   ATM   machines   are   all   over,   also   Exchange Bureaux around the hotels and Shopping Mall.
Power plugs Uruguayan   plugs   are   similar   to   European   plugs,   either   three   fine   ones   in   a   row   or   schuko   Italian   style.            We   suggest   you bring in international adaptors.
Geographic location
How to get to Uruguay
International   flights   arrive   to   Carrasco   International   Airport   “Gral.   Cesáreo   L.   Berisso”   in   Montevideo   (MVD),   capital   city of   Uruguay.      Major   airlines   connect   via   Buenos   Aires   (Argentina),   Sao   Paulo   and   Rio   de   Janeiro   (Brazil),   Lima   (Peru)   or Santiago de Chile or fly directly to Uruguay.
AIR   FRANCE   –   AIR   EUROPA   –   IBERIA   -      AMERICAN      -   LATAM   (Lan   –   Tam)      –   COPA   –   TACA   –   GOL      -   (non   stop   –   daily flights) LUFTHANSA   –   ALITALIA   –   BRITISH   AIRWAYS   –   SINGAPORE      –   QANTAS   –   MALAYSIAN   –   SOUTH   AFRICAN   –   EMIRATES AND OTHERS –  (connections via Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio or Sao Paulo)  FERRY FROM BUENOS AIRES  BUS FROM ARGENTINA, PARAGUAY and  BRAZIL
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