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Climate in Montevideo
7 - 15 april 2018. Montevideo, Uruguay 
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Montevideo city tour (morning)
Montevideo   City   Tour.   A   very   enjoyable   tour   visiting   the   most   attractive   sights   and   landmarks   of   the   city,   very   rich   in history   and   architecture   including   several   photo   stops.   Among   other   sites,   you   visit   the   residential   areas   of   Carrasco, Punta   Gorda,   Pocitos   and   the   unique   waterfront   promenade   (Rambla)   along   the   natural   beaches.   Following   a   visit   to downtown,   Independence   Square   and   the   Parliament,   you   arrive   at   Prado   an   old   style   romantic   neighborhood   with green   parks   and   impressive   monuments.   Also,   you   see   the   Old   City,   which   is   the   heart   of   Montevideo,   founded   in   1724, finishing with lunch at the Port Market.
Lunch   at   Port   Market:   We   are   in   the   Old   Town,   a   few   meters   away   from   the   Port   of   Montevideo.   This   Market   was inaugurated   in   1868,   the   construction   in   the   English   style   was   carried   out   at   the   Union   Foundry   workshop   in   Liverpool. It   was   a   fresh   produce   market   for   a   hundred   years.   Today   behind   its   old   gates   the   aromas   of   “parrillada”   stalls   and restaurantsdisplay   delicious   barbecue   and   other   local   delicacies.   In   the   surrounding   Plaza   we   can   hear   the   “candombe” music and shop for arts and crafts.
Night in Montevideo
Dinner   –   Show   at   “El   Milongón”.   In   the   heart   of   Montevideo,   tourists   can   enjoy   a   dinner   theater   with   an   important display   of   music   and   choreography   of   candombe,   tango,   milonga   and   folk   music.   The   place   promises   its   visitors   an outstanding   show   in   a   setting   where   the   tiniest   details   have   been   taken   care   of.   El   Milongon,   with   dim   lights   and candles   on   each   table   creating   an   intimate   environment   with   a   dance   floor   in   the   middle   of   the   venue,   surrounded   by   a red   carpet.   A   great   expectation   can   be   breathed   in   the   air.   Tango   and   folk   music   show   included,   3   course   dinner,   wines included. Cost per person: to be confirmed  (cost subject to numbers)
Wine tour
La    Bodega    Vinos    Finos    H    Stagnari    offers    tours,wine    tasting    and    lunch.    This    is    a    family    winery    that    has    been professionalized   and   is   now   synonymous   with   excellence   for   the   high   quality   of   its   wines,   because   they   are   made   with care and personal dedication of its owner, winemaker Hector Stagnari. In   his   short   career,   this   winery   has   won   two   titles   of   “World   Champion   Red   Wines   of   Uruguay”,   with   wines   "Dayman" and   "Dynasty",   besides   having   the   Tannat   wine   most   awarded   in   the   world:   "Tanta   Viejo",   that   you   can   enjoy   during your visit to our house. The Tannat vine, was introduced in Uruguay in 1874 and our country is now the number one producer of these wines. The    Stagnari    family    sought    ideal    soil-climate    conditions    for    each    type    of    grape,    so    that    the    red    varieties    were introduced   in   the   north   and   white   in   the   south.   Los   Vinos   Finos   H.   Stagnari   are   made   exclusively   from   grapes   from   their own vineyards. We look forward to sharing experiences and enjoy every moment. Hotel departure from 9:30am – return approx. 3.30 pm Cost per person:  to be confirmed (minimum 10 pax)
Punta del Este (full day)
Full   day   tour,   visiting   Piriapolis,   Rambla   de   los   Argentinos   and   going   up   to   the   top   of   San   Antonio   Hill.   You   visit   the Punta   del   Este   region   and   landmarks.   Such   as   the   Peninsula   and   downtown,   the   Lighthouse,   the   Port,   Artigas   Square, Brava   Beach   and   other   beaches,   residential   areas   such   as   San   Rafael,   Golf,   Rincon   del   Indio   and   Beverly   Hills,   among others   with   celebrities’   mansions.   La   Barra   and   the   undulating   bridges,   you   will   continue   the   city   tour   visiting   Pinares and   up   to   Punta   Ballena   and   Casapueblo   (entrance   fee   to   Casapueblo   Museum   is   not   included).   Free   time   for   lunch, walking or shopping. Return to Hotel in Montevideo. Official Hotels Departure from 8:15am – return approx. 6.30pm Cost per person: to be confirmed  (minimum 10 pax)
Farm tour
San   Pedro   de   Timote   Farm:   This   farm   might   be   the   most   prestigious   and   best   known   historic   Estancia   of   Uruguay.   As an   estancia,   in   the   19th   and   20th   century   sense   of   an   estancia   it   was   founded   by   Pedro   Jose   Jackson   in   1854.   However these    were    also    the    lands    of    Uruguay’s    first    and    most    important    Jesuit    farms    and    thus    the    very    first    European agricultural   venture   :   Nuestra   Señora   de   los   Desamparados,   founded   1740’s,   being   roughly   100.000   hectares   in   size and   run   for   a   few   decades   until   the   Jesuits   were   expelled   from   South   America   in   1767.   Fort   he   last   150   years,   San   Pedro farm   has   been   linked   to   the   most   prominent   names   of   Estanciero   or   farming   families,   the   Jacksons,   Hebers   and   for almost   100   years   the   Gallinals.   All   having   been   in   their   times   pioneers   of   agriculture,   introducing   new   livestock   breeds and   improving   productivity.   While   San   Pedro   de   Timote   was   always   a   lifestock   venture,   and   during   most   of   the   20th having   been   a   sheep   wool   producing   one   on   its   roughly   30.000   hectare,   it   changed   hands   again   at   the   end   of   the 1990’s,   to   be   since   then   run   as   a   tourist   farm   or   Hotel   de   Campo.   Today   San   Pedro   receives   guests,   be   it   for   the   day   or over   night   in   one   of   the   roughly   30   bedrooms,   who   can   enjoy   the   stately   and   historic   charm   of   the   estate,   making   long strolls   through   500   hectare   of   park,   horse   ride,   or   on   a   winter   day   settle   by   the   side   of   one   of   the   huge   open   fire   places. A   day   tour   can   give   you   an   idea   of   what   the   farming   life   in   Uruguay   is,   strolling   its   wonderful   park,   horseriding   and seeing the workers (gauchos) in their farming tasks and tasting a great barbecue (asado). Cost   per   person:   to   be   determined   depending   on   numbers   (including   transfer   to   and   from   hotel   to   San   Pedro   (2 hs drive) – barbecue lunch, horse riding and other farming activities,)
Montevideo - Buenos Aires - Montevideo (including on night in Buenos Aires)
Day 1 09.30am: Departure from hotels in Montevideo to Port. 11.00am: Departure by ferry from Montevideo port to Buenos Aires port. 03.00pm: Arrival to Buenos Aires. City tour with bilingual guide. 06.00pm: Check in 4 star hotel. 08.30pm: Tango dinner - show Day 2 07.30am: Check out from hotel Free hours for shopping and strolling - Lunch not included 04.00pm: Transfer to Buenos Aires port and departure. 06.30pm: Arrival to Montevideo port and transfer to hotel COST per person: to be confirmed (subject to minimum numbers) Including:   return   ferry   tickets   Montevideo-Buenos   Aires-Montevideo   /   bilingual   guide   /   city   tour/   one   night   at   4   star hotel / dinner at tango show / transfer to Montevideo Port / transfer to hotel in Montevideo. Notes: Costs to be confirmed. Some tours are subject to minimun numbers. All tours include bilingual tour guide For bookings and queries about tours please contact: ARGENTINA POST TOUR WORLD MERINO CONGRESS - URUGUAY 2018 APRIL 2018 MON 16 COLONIA (UY)/BUENOS AIRES/SAN CARLOS DE BARILCHE (LD) Arrival   to   the   ferry   terminal   at   noon.   Lunch   and   then   transfer   to   the   airport   to   fly   to   San   Carlos   de   Bariloche,   in   NW Patagonia.   This   city,   one   of   the   largest   in   Patagonia   at   the   shore   of   Nahuel   Huapi   Lake,   is   also   a   very   important   tourist destination, famous for its beautiful landscapes, great trout fishing and mainly for its ski resort. We will arrive in the evening, and go directly to the hotel, to check into our rooms. Dinner at the hotel. NH Edelweiss Hotel TUE 17 BARILOCHE/ESQUEL (BL) 300 km Depart   after   breakfast   to   travel   on   a   scenery   road   across   the   National   Park,   going   S   at   the   E   side   of   the   Andes.   Passing along Gutiérrez, Mascardi and Guillelmo lakes, prior to cross the border of Río Negro and Chubut provinces. After   travel   220   km,   stop   to   visit   a   Merino   property,   100   km   N   of   Esquel.   Leleque,   with   96,000   hectares   property   of   the Benneton   corporation,   one   of   the   largest   breeders   in   the   country.   We   will   have   the   chance   to   see   some   of   their   best rams, ewes and, also, part of their commercial flocks. Inspection of the facilities. Lunch at the farm We will make a short stop at the Leleque Museum, a showcase of Patagonia’s history. In the afternoon, our next visit will be near Trevelin, (35 km SO from Esquel) an area developed by Welsh settlers. Visit to Estancia Shaman to inspect their facilities and flock. Check in at the hotel. Hotel Rayentray Tehuelche WED 18 ESQUEL/RIO PICO/ESQUEL (BL) 500 km In   the   morning,   we   travel   South,   towards   Río   Pico   area,   continuing   our   parallel   path   with   the   Andes.   These   journeys give   us   an   idea   of   the   size   of   Patagonia,   and   its   emptiness.   We   arrive   to   the   area   of   Rio   Pico   to   visit   Rio   Pico   ranch   and stud. Inspection of the reproductive flock and rams. Tour of the facilities. Lunch On our way, back to Esquel, stop to visit Estancia “Tecka”, a 200,000 hectares property, with a huge sheep flock Inspection of the facilities. After completion of the visit, we return to Esquel, to overnight. Hotel Rayentray Tehuelche THU 19 ESQUEL/COMODORO RIVADAVIA (BL) 500 km Early   departure   from   Esquel,   as   our   journey   takes   us   across   the   widest   part   of   Patagonia,   to   the   shore   of   the   Atlantic Ocean. After travel 234 km stop at Laguna del Toro Stud, inspection of the reproductive flock and rams.  Lunch at the farm. On   our   way,   to   Comodoro   Rivadavia,   stop   at   a   Chacra   El   Labrador,   Cabaña   Media   Luna,   (120   km   from   Laguna   del Toro)   near   Sarmiento,   inspect   their   Merinos   prior   to   continue   to   Comodoro   Rivadavia,   a   prosperous   city,   which has grown due to the important oil mining areas that cover the steppes around it. Check into our hotel. Hotel Lucania or similar FRI 20 COMODORO RIVADAVIA (BL) In the morning, visit San José Stud (90 km N from Comodoro Rivadavia). Inspection de rams and ewes. On   our   way,   back   to   Comodoro   Rivadavia   visit   “Manantiales”   stud.   Inspection   of   the   facilities,   rams   and   ewes,   and part of the commercial flock. Lunch at the ranch and return to Comodoro Rivadavia. Return to the hotel. Hotel Lucania or similar SAT 21 COMODORO RIVADAVIA/BUENOS AIRES (B) After breakfast and some free time, transfer to the airport to fly to Buenos Aires. Arrival to Buenos Aires. Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Hotel in Buenos Aires. Claridge Hotel or similar SUN 22 BUENOS AIRES (B) Transfer to the airport End of our service. QUOTE The tour will be done with a minimum of 25 passengers at a cost of usd 2183 per pax, on DBL occupancy. This amount should be full in our account, bank expenses free. Extra for SGL occupancy usd 392 The quote includes lodge, air tickets in coach class, land transportation, on private bus, and visits as mentioned on the Itinerary. It also includes meals as indicated as: 6 B, breakfast 5 L, lunch with soft drink or water 1 D, dinner with soft drink or water The tour was designed in accordance to flight schedule available at September 2017. There may be some modifications if flight time varies. It does not include incidentals as well as, alcoholic beverages, laundry service, hotel, guide and driver tips. As of December 5 th , a 30% deposit is required Balance at March 5 th , 2018 Contact: Jorge H. Cazenave Of. 54 11 4519 3525 Cell 54 9 11 5010 0338 Angélica Pasman Of: 54 11 4519 3525 Cell 54 9 11 5400 0038
Photos courtesy of Gabriel Becco
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