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Climate in Montevideo
7 - 15 april 2018. Montevideo, Uruguay 
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Chris Wilcox Chris Wilcox is the world’s leading analyst and commentator on the global wool industry. He has 26 years’ experience in conducting and guiding economic research, market intelligence analysis and strategic assessment of key issues in the global wool industry, in a career of over 35 years in Australian agribusiness. He is a widely recognised public speaker on the global wool industry, having given over 200 presentations at conferences and meetings around the world, including China, the USA, Italy, France, Uruguay and Germany. Chris has a number of roles in the global wool industry, including: Executive Director of the National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia; Chairman of the International Wool Textile Organisation’s Market Intelligence Committee; and a Board Director of the Australian Wool Testing Authority. He prepares the International Wool Textile Organisation’s annual Market Information statistics publication and also prepares the American Sheep Industries’ Wool Journal six times a year. Chris is Secretary and Analyst for the Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee and is also a member of the MLA’s Australian Lamb Forecasting Advisory Committee. Chris also prepares monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual economic and analysis bulletins, articles and reports for a range of wool and livestock industry clients in Australia, Europe and China. His recent project work includes a detailed strategic analysis of the market and product opportunities for the wool industry in New South Wales (the largest wool producing state in Australia), investigating the traceability of wool in Australia from farm gate to ship-side, conducting a benefit-cost analysis of introducing new technology into the Australian wool industry and jointly preparing a strategic review of Dairy Australia. Chris was Chief Economist at The Woolmark Company and the Australian Wool Corporation for 12 years until 2008 and is now the principal of his own business, Poimena Analysis.
Diego Gimeno Cuñarro Diego Gimeno is an agronomist graduated in 1984 from the Faculty of Agronomy (FAGRO) of the University of the Republic of Uruguay (UdelaR). Since 2001, he works at the Uruguayan Wool Secretariat (SUL) in charge of studies of Genetic Improvement Sheep, first as a consultant and then as a permanent Technician in the Research & Development Area. His teaching activity began in 1986 culminating as Adjunct Professor of Animal Genetic Improvement at  the Department of Animal Production and Pastures at the Faculty of Agronomy of the UdelaR  University until 2005. His teaching activity has also developed since 2011 to date at  the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the UDE University  as lecturer on Animal Genetic Improvement. Gimeno has postgraduate academic training in Biometrics and Genetic Improvement, studies carried out at the Alberto Soriano Graduate School of the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. (1994/1995).
Facundo Ruvira Facundo Ruvira has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the School of Agriculture of UDELAR (Universidad de la República, Uruguay) and a post-graduate degree in Environmental Management and Business Administration from the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. At first, he worked within the Forestry sector and the Academic area. In 2004 he entered into wool agribusiness when he accepted a position in charge of Wool Purchase at Tops Fray Marcos S.A. At present, he is the Commercial Manager of the company as well as Director of Lavadero de Lanas Blengio S.A. He is also a team member of the National Strategic Sheep Plan.
Ing.Agr. Gabriel Ciappesoni Scarone, PhD Director of National Meat and Wool Research Program Email:  Web:  Gabriel Ciappesoni is the Director of the National Research Program on Meat and Wool Production of the National Agricultural Research Institute (INIA). He is an accredited researcher of the National Researcher System of the National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII). He culminated his doctoral studies in 2003 in the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. Since then, he has been working on animal breeding at INIA Uruguay, as the geneticist responsible for genetic evaluations and design and analysis of sheep crossbreding projects. He is responsible for projects on genomic selection for resistance to gastrointestinal parasites, molecular parentage identification and prolific breed crosses. His main area of work is animal breeding, with special emphasis on small ruminants, rabbits and pigs. His fields of work include genetic evaluations in sheep (production and quality of meat, wool and milk); genetic evaluations in goats (milk production); estimation of genetic parameters (heritability, correlations); genetic evaluations in rabbits (prolificacy); calculation of crossbreeding parameters (heterosis, breed differences); genetic resistance to parasites in sheep (studies of association with genetic markers). In addition, Dr. Ciappesoni has been appointed as a member of several commissions of reference in sheep production, such as the Managing Group and the Leading Group of the National Strategic Plan for Sheep Production and in Beef Cattle (Confinement Feeding National Round Table).
Luis Ignacio De Barbieri Etcheberry Date of birth: May 25th, 1974. Nationality: Uruguayan. Marital status: Married (two children) Qualifications: Agr. Eng. Faculty of Agronomy, University of the Republic of Uruguay, 2001. PhD. School of Environmental and Rural Sciences, University of New England, 2015. Work: National Institute of Agricultural Research, Tacuarembó, Uruguay. Professional Appointments Research Officer, Sheep Research Program*, 2000-2006 Research Fellow, Meat and Wool Research Program*, 2006-Present Manager of Glencoe Experimental Unit*, 2008-2012 Level 2 - College of postgraduates, 2015-Present Researcher - National Researchers System of Uruguay, 2013-Present *Base at Tacuarembó Research Station of INIA (National Institute of Agricultural Research - Uruguay). Areas of Research interest Ruminant nutrition Sustainable animal production systems Ruminant gut microbiology Superfine wool and sheep meat production Innovation and Development Activities Performed Research officer of Fine Merino Project of Uruguay Research fellow of Ultrafine Wool Consortium of Uruguay Conducted several experiments on: production systems of fine and superfine wool, pregnant ewe nutrition, lamb nutrition, gut microbiology and meat production. Local and International Training courses attended: 15 Local participation (speaker) in Seminars, Courses, Conferences, Field days: 83 International participation (speaker) in Conferences: 5 Publications: 16 peer review articles, 3 peer review abstracts, 109 non-reviewed scientific articles, 72 non-reviewed abstracts, 9 book chapters, 21 local magazine articles, 58 articles/abstracts (peer review/non-reviewed) in conferences/workshops. Animal Science Students supervised: 19 (10 undergraduate, 1 MSc, and 6 undergraduate and 2 MSc internships) At present, participating in 3 research projects.
Walter E. Baethgen Walter E. Baethgen is Senior Research Scientist, Director of the Regional and Sectorial Research program in the IRI, and Acting Director of the Agriculture and Food Security Center, both at The Earth Institute, Columbia University. He has established regional programs that aim to improve climate risk assessment and risk management in agriculture, health, water resources, and natural ecosystems. He acted as Distinguished Lead Scholar of the NEXUS Program (Fulbright Foundation) between 2011 and 2013. Before joining the IRI, Baethgen was a Senior Scientist in the Research and Development Division of IFDC (International Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development Center) where he worked mainly in Information and Decision Support Systems for the Agricultural Sector (1987-2003). He acted as a consultant for the IDB, the United Nations (UNDP, UNIDO, FAO, IAEA), the World Bank and the Inter-American Institute for Agricultural Cooperation. He has also has acted as a consultant to governments and the private sector of several countries throughout Latin America. He was an author in IPCC’s Second, Third and Fourth Assessment Reports and review editor for IPCC’s special issue on Technology Transfer. He serves or has served as a member of scientific advisory committees of several international organizations including the CGIAR’s Science Council, IAI, IGBP and WMO. He was also reviewer of several international research programs (NOAA, NASA, NSF, IAI, and German, Norwegian and Austrian governments). Baethgen obtained his PhD and M.Sc. degrees in Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and his B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Uruguay. He has over 200 publications to his credit.
Daniel Castells Montes PhD in Medicine and Veterinary Technologies with a Master's Degree in Animal Production from the University of the Republic. He joined the Uruguayan Lana Secretariat in 1988 where he works in the area of Research and Development. His research on sheep health has focused mainly on the area of internal parasites, where to evaluate anthelmintics developed by the pharmaceutical industry, determine the situation of anthelmintic resistance and investigate alternative methods of parasitic control such as genetic resistance and vaccines have been his main lines of work.
Peter Ackroyd Peter ACKROYD is the Global Strategic Advisor for The Woolmark Company in Sydney, Australia and the Chief Operating Officer of the Campaign for Wool. In May 2011 he was elected President of the International Wool Textile Organisation and re-elected in April 2016. Specialising in world markets for woollen and worsted yarns and fabrics, Peter has particular expertise in marketing in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Korea and China, along with in-depth knowledge of the menswear supply chain ‘from farm to fashion’. He also serves as Vice President of the Strategy Board of Première Vision Paris, the prestigious apparel fabric fair.
Richard BOIDE (+33) 6 70 81 55 70 45 years old Richard BOIDE is the Commercial Director for Dormeuil in Paris, à manufacturer of fine merino worsted fabrics produced predominantly in England. He started his wool career as a trader in greasy wool in New Zealand, subsequently spending time in Australia in the topmaking industry before returning to Europe. After à brief spell in Biella, Richard took up his current appointment in January 2006.  He is in charge of Dormeuil's international sale network with offices in New York, London, Paris, Milan, New Delhi, Shanghai, Tokyo and Melbourne. Dormeui's fine merino fabric collection are sold in over 120 countries.
Dave Pethick Qualifications BAgSci (Adel), PhD (Cambridge Uni, UK) Title Professor in Biochemistry & Nutrition Veterinary & Animal Science Current responsibilities Director, Centre for Production Animal Research at Murdoch University National manager Sheep CRC Meat Science program Background Dave grew up on the family in Sth Australia that is now run by his brother. He trained in Agricultural Science at Adelaide University and then completed doctorate at Cambridge University, UK. He has worked in the farm animal Industries for 37 years post graduation as a university academic, researcher, teacher and industry practitioner. Currently actively involved in meat science of sheep and cattle across the value chain and has an active research participation with China Agricultural University. Dave has played a key role in the development of the world renowned Meat Standards Australia Beef and Lamb Grading systems.
Craig Smith International Wool Trader from New Zealand Craig Smith is a respected international wool trader from New Zealand. He is totally passionate about wool having grown up on a sheep farm in New Zealand founded by his great grandfather. Currently employed by nationwide New Zealand stock and station firm, PGG Wrightson, Craig Smith (aka “Smithy”) delivers expertise across the fine wool sector, at home and abroad, strengthening existing trade relationships and generating new business. His international experience is significant. Prior to joining PGG Wrightson in 2014, he spent 10 years with well-known New Zealand wool merchant and exporter, H Dawson, in sole charge of their Japanese markets. Mr Smith enjoys working at the forefront of the wool industry, promoting wool and its commercial viability. He has carried his wool message to high places, having met with HRH The Prince of Wales on several occasions regarding the global initiative called The Campaign for Wool. Prince Charles, Patron of The Campaign for Wool, hosts annual events to encourage an exchange of information about wool’s numerous technical and ecological benefits and to discuss ways of making sheep farming more profitable. Mr Smith represents his firm’s current and ongoing wool interests across America, China, Japan and throughout Europe. He attends numerous internationally recognised trade events, networking with customers at the cutting edge of fine wool technologies and actively promoting sustainability, traceability and transparency throughout the wool supply chain, from New Zealand to the world.
Prof. James Rowe James Rowe is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sheep Cooperative Research Centre. Before taking on this role he was the Professor of Animal Science at the University of New England.  He has over 30 years research experience working for commercial companies, international development programs, government agencies and universities.   
Marius Cuming Marius Cuming is the Corporate Communication Manager at Australian Wool Innovation, parent company to The Woolmark Company. He also owns and runs a small Merino woolgrowing business from his home in western Victoria with his family. Coming from a background in rural journalism, he is responsible for communicating with woolgrowers about what AWI does on their behalf but has initiated a number of programs that have bridged the gap between the farmer and consumer. Marius enjoys connecting woolgrowers with designers, brands, processors and ultimately, consumers and speaks as a passionate farmer, woolgrower, woolclasser and agricultural scientist.
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Raúl J. Richero Raúl José Richero (Uruguay 27/11/1945) has over 30 years of professional experience in industrial processing and international marketing of wool fibre and textile products. He was part of the technical team of SUL, that was responsible for the Woolmark programme in Uruguay. From 1977 to 1992, Raul Richero held the position of Director in the International Wool Secretariat, first as Operational Director in South America (1997 to 1984) and then as Director Southern Europe, based in Barcelona (1985 to 1992).
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Peter Meyer Peter has been running a mixed farming operation for forty years trading as PS and JH Meyer.  He is married to Julie, with two married sons - Brett and Paul - and six grandchildren.  The family have land holdings at Brinkworth, in the mid north of South Australia and at Tintinara in the south east of South Australia, which carry the Mulloorie Merino and Poll Merino Studs, which were established in 1979 and 1982 respectively.  The Mulloorie Stud run by Peter and his sons, has a very successful reputation throughout Australia and overseas, selling 600 stud and flock lambs per annum. Peter’s involvement with the wool Industry spans some 40 years, with a great passion for this natural fibre.  He is currently Vice President of the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders and is a committee member on the South Australian Stud Merino Sheepbreeders’ Association.  In addition, Peter has been a past President of the South Australian Stud Merino Sheepbreeders’ Association, as well as Co-Chairperson of the successful World Merino Insight which was held in 2016 in South Australia.  Peter is also an active member and present and past President of several bodies in the local community.
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