Dear friends We   are   glad   to   let   you   know   that   Uruguay   will   host   the   10th   WORLD   MERINO   CONFERENCE    to   be   held   from   7th   to 15th   April   2018   in   Uruguay,   with   pre-   and   post   tours   visiting   the   major   Merino   studs   in   the   country   as   well   as   show   and judging,  besides the Conference activities. This   Conference   is   organised   by   the   Uruguayan   Merino   Breeders   Society   with   the   support   of   the   World   Federation   of Merino   Breeders.   The   World   Conference   convenes   every   four   years   the   International   community   related   with   the Merino   breed.   One   of   the   main   objectives   is   to   encourage   the   participation   and   massive   networking   of   researchers, breeders   and   companies   or   institutions   related   to   the   breed   as   well   as   encourage   the   participation   of   students   from different areas as they will be the future Merino breeders. The   World   Federation   member   countries   are   Argentina,   Australia,   France,   Hungary,   Kazakhstan,   Lesotho,   New   Zealand, Portugal,   Russia,   South   Africa,   Spain,   Uruguay   and   USA.   Interest   in   the   Conference   has   also   already   been   received   from other countries such as Turkey, Canada and Chile. The   previous   Conference   was   held   in   South   Africa   with   over   200   international   visitors   joining   a   similar   number   of   South African   breeders,   scientists   and   other   industry   personnel.   An   inaugural   interim   conference,   World   Merino   Insight,   was held   in   Adelaide,   Australia   in   September   2016.      The   World   Merino   Conference   1994   which   was   held   in   Uruguay   was   a most    successful    event    which    everyone    still    remembers    creating    great    expectation    for    this    next    10th    Conference gathering. The   official   activities   for   the   10th   World   Merino   Conference   will   start   on   Saturday   7th   April   with   a   5   day   technical   tour visiting   the   best   Uruguayan   Merino   studs,   the   industry,   plants,   and   wool   mills.      We   will   head   up   center-north   of   the country   finishing   in   Salto   where   the   best   Merino   area   is.   We   will   be   staying   at   the   Thermal   area   at   the   Altos   del   Arapey Hotel,   and   we   will   also   have   a   day   of   show   and   judging,      returning   to   Montevideo   through   the   west   bordering   the Uruguay River which divides Uruguay from Argentina. We   will   be   arriving   in   Montevideo   on   Wednesday   evening      for   the   Conference   on   Thursday   12th   and   Friday   13th      at   the Sheraton    Hotel    with    keynote    speakers    on    meat    and    wool    markets,    breeding,    marketing,    textiles,    genetics    and production   as   well   as   reports   from   Federation   member   countries.   Optional   sightseeing   tours   will   be   organised   to   Punta del   Este   and   Colonia   on   Saturday   14th   and   Sunday   15th.      Pre   and   post   tours   will   also   be   proposed   to   Argentina   and Chile. We   expect   a   great   attendance   from   the   neighbouring   countries,   as   well   as   from   researchers,   industry   members   and Merino   breeders   from   Uruguay,   besides   a   great   attendance   from   the   Federation   breeders   from   all   over   the   world, estimating at least 300 attendees.      This   Conference   will   certainly   allow   exchange   of   opinions   over   the   breed   and   its   genetics,   world   meat   and   wool markets,   trends      for   the   future,   and   scientific   knowledge   in   a   friendly   atmosphere   of   the   Merino   world   family   which helps strengthen bonds between our  associations.    We   look   forward   to   your   participation   at   this   important   event   in   our   country.   It   will   be   a   great   opportunity   to   appreciate not   only   our   Merino   breed   but   also   our   land   and   agriculture   production,   our   culture   and   also   show   you   our   Uruguayan hospitality.   Look forward to welcoming you in Uruguay in April 2018!!! Diego Otegui Juan Carlos Tafernaberry President Organizing Committee President Uruguayan Merino 10th World Merino Conference Breeders Society 
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7 - 15 april 2018. Montevideo, Uruguay 
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