Dear friends: We   are   glad   to   let   you   know   that   Uruguay   will   host   the 10th   WORLD   MERINO   CONFERENCE   to   be   held   from 7th   to   15th   April   2018   in   Uruguay,   with   pre-   and   post tours   visiting   the   major   Merino   studs   in   the   country   as well as show and… [read more]
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The   official   name   is   “República   Oriental   del   Uruguay” and    it    is    located    in    the    Southern    Cone    of    South America.     Its     boundaries     are:     to     the     North     and Northeast,    Brazil,    to    the    West    Argentina    and    to    the South        and    South    East,    the    Rio    de    la    Plata    and    the Atlantic Ocean…. [read more]
Montevideo   City   Tour.   A   very   enjoyable   tour   visiting   the most   attractive   sights   and   landmarks   of   the   city,   very rich   in   history   and   architecture   including   several   photo stops.   Among   other   sites,   you   visit   the   residential   areas of Carrasco, Punta Gorda,… [read more]
Advice   from   Uruguay:      Every   visitor   should   seek   advice from    their    travel    agent    or    via    the    internet    regarding Visas   and   Vaccinations.   Visas   and   Vaccinations   can   be required   if   travelling   to   or   through   countries   other   than Uruguay,   either   on   their   way   to   or   from   Uruguay.   Each country has their own regulations… [read more]
7 - 15 april 2018. Montevideo, Uruguay 
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